Work and Study at BLS

Bury St Edmunds is ideal for work and study programmes. A small friendly city with lots happening. The programmes combine study with unpaid work placment in local businesses. This benefits both formal and informal language development. What better addition to your CV than working in the UK? We accept individuals and groups on this programme but the minimum age is 16.

Typical Work and Study Group Programme

  • 5 English lessons in the mornings or afternoons – covering interview skills, CV writing, formal language and business communciation skills
  • 5 Work experience in the mornings or afternoons
  • Full board host accommodation (no public transport needed)
  • Excursions / evening activities can be added as extra
  • Typical placements include: Shops, Cafe’s, Charities, Tourist Attractions, Offices, Printing Companies, Auctioneers, Hotels, Bars, Hairdressers, Vets, Hotels and Nail Salon’s.
  • Must be of Pre-Intermediate or higher
  • Age 16+
  • Benefits: Practising your key English skills, Meet new people, Gain confidence, Enhance your CV
  • Gain a Certificate

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Individual Students

We can help you find an experience to match your requriements. We can help from 1 week to 1 year.

Non-EU Groups

If you live outside of the EU do not worry. We have a special programme of study and work visits for non-EU students who are not able to actually work in the UK without a visa. This course sees students visit local businesses and meet staff and managers to ask questions and get a glimpse of how a UK business operates. We also arrange for guest speakers to come and speak to the students about their careers. This is a great way for students to interact with question and answer sessions.

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