Summer Teenager Programme Bury St Edmunds

May 7, 2015

Intensive Summer Teenager Programme

The popular BLS Summer Teenager programme is being finalised. Study hard, speak lots, explore many places and make international friends for life!

Here are some of the highlights:


Cambridge, London, Norwich, Colchester, West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village, Melford Hall, Kentwell Hall, Anglesey Abbey, Duxford Air Museum.


Football, Cricket, Rugby, Rounders, Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball.


Drama, Baking, Art, Treasure hunt, Market day survey, Presentations, British food tasting, Disco.


21 hours per week, with FCE option and/or IELTS option, supervised Homework club after school, pronunciation and communication skills, grammar, cultural interaction. We also give the new Crystal Clear Speaking module so that students can develop confidence in communication for the modern world, not just pronunciation.

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Host accommodation and our approach to it is the secret of our success. On registration, you can tell us exactly what you hope to get from your host
experience. Our host coordinator will keep you informed of the best option for you. When you are here our host coordinator will talk to you to ensure
you are settling in and happy with the host accommodation. Our inspections meet British Council and ISI inspection standards, interviews and revisits are all overseen by the BLS host coordinator.

Summer Teenager Programme Summary:

Welfare and support throughout – 24 hour emergency phone contact

21 hours of lessons + 6 hours of supervised homework club
Weekly progress tests
1 full day excursion each Saturday (1 per 2 weeks / 2 per 3 weeks)
1 half day cultural excursion each week
2 evening social activities each week
Sports every week