English Course Fees

Adult Course Fees 2020

Affordable Quality English Courses

Minimum age 16

Intensive General English lessons with Exam Preparation in the afternoons.
Choose from 16, 20 or 24 hours per week.
Maximum 15 per class, average 8 per class.
You can sign up to the BLS social programme and trips when here.

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Part Time English course fees

Flexibile Programmes for Busy People

Minimum age 18

Flexible programmes for adult students. Study mornings or afternoons to fit in around your work or family.
Maximum 15 per class, average 8 per class.
You can sign up to the BLS social programme and trips while here.

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One to One Course Fees

Intensive one-to-one courses designed exactly how you want. Choose the number of hours and the subjects that you need. We will create a personalised programme to boost your language skills in the time you have. Why not combine this with group lessons?

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English for Teachers Course Fees
Observe BLS teachers in action.
Teach and receive feedback.
Reflect critically on current language teaching methodology.
Share ideas and develop as teachers.
Extend your awareness of the principles and practice of teaching to young learners.
Evaluate and explore materials and resources for younger learners.
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Summer Adult English Course Fees 2020

Mixed Nationality Classes for 18+

Choose from 16, 20 or 24 hours per week
Summer Adult English courses from 15th June to 28th August 2020.
Join the BLS adult social programme and pay as you go.
Visit London, Cambridge and Norwich!

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Summer Junior English Course Fees 2020

Summer Junior English & Activities 2020 (10-17 years)

21 hours of lessons + 4 hours of supervised homework club
Weekly progress tests (5 morning and 3 afternoon classes)
1 full day excursion each Saturday (1 per 2 week course / 2 per 3 week course)
1 half day cultural excursion each week
2 evening social activities each week
1 Sports, drama, arts and craft, baking, Zumba, martial arts per week

Arrive any Sunday, depart any Saturday.

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Adult Social Programme – Extras

On our Adult English programmes, you can sign up and do many exciting activities and trips while you are here at BLS English.


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