Summer Junior Courses 2020

Summer Junior Courses in Bury St Edmunds (10-17 years)

Choose BLS English for summer junior courses in a safe, traditional English town. BLS English is a professionally run school that is fully accredited to the highest standards.

The one thing that makes BLS special is the quality of our host accommodation. This is very important for summer junior courses. Our hosts care and help you to relax and enjoy your course. We believe that the accommodation can be an area of concern and apprehension so we can ensure you that we put a lot of time and effort into choosing the best. We inspect and check all hosts to British Council guidelines. This includes DBS checks.

Students will be either walking to school or driven both to and from school (usually for the younger ones). Time to school is a maximum of 30 minutes and there are no extra costs for being driven by the host. If walking, hosts will accompany on the first day to make sure students are comfortable with the walk.

Junior Brochure (PDF 1049 KB)

Summer Junior Courses 2020

  • 21 hours of lessons per week
  • 6 extra hours of supervised homework club
  • Project work and presentation skills
  • Weekly progress tests
  • 1 full day excursion each Saturday (1 per 2 weeks / 2 per 3 weeks)
  • Sports every week
  • 1 half day cultural excursion each week
  • 2 evening social activities each week
  • Drama Baking and Arts and craft

Summer Junior Course Welfare

We understand that some students will experience new emotions such as homesickness. This is why we have a full-time dedicated team for our younger learners, to support and guide where needed. All individual junior students will be assigned a member of BLS staff for support and questions throughout the stay. Parents may also need to speak to a member of the BLS welfare team if they are worried or have a question. We are here to help and have an emergency 24-hour phone line.

Summer Junior Individuals 2020