Free English Class in Bury St Edmunds

October 21, 2015

Try for Free – Book Now!

BLS English would like to invite you to try an English language class for free. A free English class will show you how BLS English works and how great our English teachers are. All you need to do is email, call or pop in to our offices at 147 Kings Road to book you free English class.

Not sure which English course to book?

You can speak to our experts and we will advise you on your level and the English exams you can take. Most importantly you choose a course that is British Council accredited. BLS English is accredited by the British Council so you know you will be well looked after.

Your Free English Class

You will meet interesting students from all over the world and be taught by professional and qualified English teachers. You will most likely make freinds on your first day in your free class. Our adult centre is for students 16+ and the average age is approximately 25.

Come and try our free English class now to see what makes BLS English special.

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free english class at bls

Remember you will be choosing a British Council accredited English language school at BLS English. We are the only accredited school in Bury St Edmunds.BLS English offers courses that will quickly improve your English skills in all areas. Some students find writing difficult while others have pronunciation difficulties. We work with our students as individuals and will support the weakest while challenging the strongest. BLS English also offers a great social programme which helps support the English you learn in the classroom. You will get to practise your English with other likeminded individuals. Your free class will show you how international the school is. Most importantly you will see that BLS English are the friendly professionals.