Summer Teenager FCE Course

March 1, 2017

FCE Course Summer 2017

Study with BLS and challenge yourself on our FCE course.

FCE course at BLS





BLS English has been a Cambridge University examination preparation centre for 15 years. Our FCE course helps young learners follow on from the PET exam and provides a new challenge fort the summer. It is never too early to start working towards International English examinations. At BLS we believe in a hardworking summer course to give value for money and a return on investment.

Our FCE course is designed to prepare young learners quickly for the exam. The exam itself can either be taken whilst in England or later in the year back in your own country. Our summer FCE course combines a morning syllabus of FCE preparation using the latest course materials and focusing on the four key skills needed for a successful exam. Then in the afternoons our students join a more interactive and communicative syllabus. This includes sport, drama, baking and cultural visits and trips around the region. The evenings allow students more social interaction to practise their English with their new friends and Sundays are a day to spend joining in with your host families.

Summer Timetable: FCE course


  1. FCE Reading
  2. FCE Writing
  3. FCE Speaking
  4. FCE Listening
  5. FCE Use of English


  1. Tour of the town,
  2. Interactive market day lesson
  3.  Cultural lessons about Cambridge, Norwich, Ipswich, Ely and London
  4. Visit Ipswich, Cambridge, Ely, Norwich and London
  5. Bake some English scones!
  6. Football tournaments
  7. Volleyball
  8. Basketball
  9. Drama class
  10. Zumba keep fit class

4.00-5.00 Homework Club – Time to catch up and ask our staff questions

Evening Social Activities

  1. Discos – glow paint and karaoke
  2. Bowling
  3. Laser tag
  4. Sports
  5. British food night
  6. British Film night

Summer Teenager English & Activities 2017 Fees and Details