Why Speaking a Language is the Best Way to Learn It

June 19, 2018

Even with the wide range of resources that are available nowadays, one of the best ways to learn a language is to speak it. It has been proven that with face-to-face learning and by speaking out loud right from the start, you will pick up the language better and faster. Here is why location-based learning is the best method:

Opportunity to Practise

When living with your host family, you are able to practise having simple conversations and take on real-life challenges which help you get a feel for how the language sounds. By repeating new words and phrases and taking advantage of the face-to-face teaching you have on your doorstep, the more practise you will get and the more confident you will be.

Communication is Key

Listening is just as important in the learning process than speaking, and that is another aspect you can strengthen with experiential learning. By practicing with a native speaker and having regular conversations with them, you can pay close attention to their accent, their pronunciation habits and their responses.

Learn From Mistakes

No one is expected to be fluent in a language straight away, it’s natural to make mistakes and it can actually be helpful in the long run. By living with native speakers, you are able to learn from your mistakes straight away and ask questions that you may be embarrassed to ask in the real world. You can also ask for feedback during or after your conversation to see what you are doing well and where you need to improve.

On-Point Pronunciation

If you don’t speak the language that you are learning out loud, you may be pronouncing words completely incorrectly. This completely defeats the objective of learning and you will not be understood when you visit the foreign country. When you take part in a homestay experience, you can ask about pronunciation and accent, and be given tips when required.

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