High School Integration

October 18, 2018

Try Life in a UK School!

We know school integration has a positive effect on almost every aspect of schooling that matters, making this large world a more approachable one to develop in as a young person. Introducing our students to new ways of education and new friendship possibilities. Here at BLS we aim to teach our students these valuable life skills.


BLS would like to thank all schools involved academically over the past few months. Thurston College and Mildenhall Sixth form Academy have supported us in enabling school integration for our individual students. They have allowed our students to study their favourite subjects such as Sociology and Media Studies. Iceni, Thetford Grammar and County Upper School have opened their doors and offered a student buddying programme for three weeks for our Spanish group. Most importantly this has permitted our international students to follow the school timetables of current UK students. Experiencing all subjects just like a local student. Subjects such as food technology, French, Maths and PE.

“We have been very impressed by the determination towards Hockey from our four integration students. Having never played the sport before they have really tried and now play extremely well” – Thetford Grammar.

“There has been excitement throughout the school” – Iceni Academy.