New for 2022

March 1, 2022

We are very excited to be launching our new International Junior MBA course here in Bury St Edmunds.

The BLS English International Future MBA is an intensive course for highly motivated young learners aged 16+ who
are interested in the world of business and hope to work in business in the future. It is a forward-thinking course designed to stimulate young minds and encourage global thinking for the challenges that are relevant to the business world in the 21st century. The course is also an excellent opportunity to meet future business leaders from around the world and make contacts that can be used in the future.

By the End of the Course, Participants will have:

• Learnt how to become a future entrepreneur
• Developed important life skills
• Met future business leaders from around the world
• Created a business idea and presented this to the class
• Looked at USP, brand and logo, using case studies
• Considered the importance of copyrights and patents
• Thought about product pricing and marketing
• Explored concepts of customer service
• Considered communication and networking
• Understood business structures and nance
• Learnt about contracts and legal requirements
• Created an operational plan
• Learnt basic accountancy and taxation
• Considered leadership, responsibility and environmental issues
• Understood how to pitch to investors
• Predicted future post-COVID trends and economic growth
• Discussed MBA courses with an MBA graduate